Team work is a fabulous concept. It co-creates, co-manages and shares the load of execution. Even parenting equals teaming up to ensure that kids bloom and create a happy future. While our little ones are yet to learn about teaming up and responsibilities as concepts, we can surely sow the seeds of togetherness in them with these parenting tips:

Make team work a part of home culture

While at work the team-culture is obvious, at home it needs to be developed. This would mean assigning responsibilities between parents first as this will set an example for the children. For kids, you could always begin with fun responsibilities like counting the grocery or cleaning the room after play time.

Agree with disagreements:

Disagreements are simply two independent perspectives to the same situation. They lead to wider perspectives and resolutions. Hence it is very important for kids to learn and accept disagreement. There will be times when your cute one will disagree in ways you will find amusing. Alert! Don’t give into the cuteness, but stand by your point, while respecting theirs. Let them agree with disagreements

Have open ended discussions

Your little one's minds are learning at levels way deeper than we can imagine. Their views, stories and understanding towards various things in life are quite different and at times wiser than ours. Therefore, as a team, get to know their opinions on things. Start open ended discussions like – what do you think we should do over the weekend? And create an itinerary with them.

Play with kids

The best way to evoke team work at home is switch a part of screen time to play time. Games like Puzzles, Pictionary, Classification, Go and many more, develop team work while having a heck of a lot of fun. Studies have shown that playing such games develop healthy social skills and improve their communication with others.

Team and friendship go hand in hand

Friendship is the most important virtue of team work. Positive parenting requires one to be a friend that a child needs to grow and learn from. However, it is important to balance friendship and parentship, and switch roles from time to time. This switch helps the kids in opening up warmly to you while respecting the relationship.

Develop acceptance

One can't enjoy team work without accepting each other. While kids are quite natural at including others in their life, there might be times when little fights may turn into huge arguments. In such cases, help your children in accepting others opinions, their behaviour and accept each other.

It is about togetherness after all

What are life skills without understanding togetherness? Nurture your little ones with the magic of togetherness by building a culture of oneness at home. Show them how each one at home does various things independently, but are a team towards greater goal – a happy, loving family. And that is what matters eventually.

Let's build on togetherness, shall we?

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