What is life, but a puzzle to be solved at every step, right? Our usual responses to situations decide the way we experience life. "I can't do it." Or "I am unable to look up." and even "Can I do it tomorrow, please?" are some ways in which we either procrastinate or avoid resolving a situation. So do our kids. Hence, we thought let's share some simple parenting tips that can help the kids and us to solve every situation in life.

Complete tasks on time

Well, this may sound pretty lame, but completing tasks on time is indeed an important value to live by. If payment of bills needs to be done on time, so should the homework. Timely completion of tasks makes one responsible and sets a disciplined child behaviour. It also helps kids in valuing the time and resources they have. So go ahead, set a time table for your kids to begin and finish work.

Go back to basics

Every complex math problem is solved by learning and applying the basics, right? The same is applicable to the real problems too. When children face problems at school, studies or friends, guide them to find the root of the problem. If they are cranky, ask them what makes them so – is it the home work, friends or sheer boredom. Once they share the problem, make them responsible and encourage them to find a resolution on their own.

Trust your children's problem solving skills

When we solve a problem, it makes us feel confident and responsible. Make your parenting encouraging for your children to adapt to problem-solving attitude. This makes them independent and critical thinkers. When kids come up with a resolution and they are trusted in doing so, they feel confident and optimistic.

Solve puzzles and brainstorm

You may remember the puzzles and riddles we solved with our parents as children. Unknowingly, we were learning problem solving and critical thinking, a vital part of life skills education. Since we are technology driven age, there are plenty of apps available that can help your kids in developing their problem solving skills. So let's use technology wisely and make the most out of these puzzles.

Read problem solving stories with your kids

Reading stories is one of the best ways to imbibe values in your children's conscience. This is also an entertaining way for your children to learn and spend time with you. There are mystery novels for children and problem solving stories for toddlers that instigate problem solving skills. These simple and relatable stories make learning entertaining for kids.

To summarise, inculcating problem solving skills in children help them in living an optimistic life. This shapes a better future for themselves and their dear ones.

So parents, let's nurture kid's emotional wellbeing, shall we?