Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of one's own behaviour. It's the ability to identify one's own personality, emotions, feelings and responses. Self-awareness helps one in also understanding others. And as we forge towards virtual reality driven age, one will need to be self-aware at every step of life. Let's know some simple parenting tips to help our children as well as us, become more aware of self.

Say YES to passion

Kids love doing many things. Try and offer them various platforms where they can focus and improve their awareness. When kids follow what they love, they start liking themselves. For some it may be soccer playing; for some it may be art classes and for some it could be cycling. Whatever you kids show affinity towards naturally, let them follow it.

There are no weaknesses

Children need to learn and embrace what they are not good at. At times, it can be studies, or it could be running a race that they may not be able to succeed in. If your child isn’t able to perform, highlight what he can do. Get them to learn how wonderful they are at other things. Balancing our vision towards good and not so good is crucial for self-awareness.

Know your-self

Finding one's own strengths and weaknesses is very important to developing self-awareness. Sometimes ask your children to write what they feel they are good at and what can they improve upon. Ask them why they feel so. Once they are clear on what they need to do, make a log sheet for them to follow. This responsibility will help them to reflect on self from time to time.

Go outdoors often

Stepping out for small chores is a great way for kids to get some fresh air and know the surroundings better. You may say that they were out to play, or went to school – which is outdoors. However, going outdoors without any fixed agenda gives the children's brain some space to think other than school or play. That's where awareness begins.

Boost confidence

Aware kids are confident kids. When kids know what they are good at, they learn to acknowledge it more. This also helps them in responding to any kind of bullying in a responsible manner. To help kids be confident, acknowledge their goodness at home. Being a friend to children usually helps in making them curious, little adults and they grow into matured thinkers.

Let's expand our vision

Sometimes to deal with trivial issues, it is important that we look beyond and view the bigger picture. Help the kids in looking at this grand picture. This outlook helps them in not being too affected by little upsetting situations in their daily life.

Last but not the least, awareness about screen time is required more than ever. Put a time-frame and let the kids adhere them. This protects them from being lost in the virtual world.

So parents, all set for raising aware kids?