Positive Parenting is required in today's time more than ever when debates about screen time and life skills are doing the rounds. Apart from regulation of screen time for kids, our parenting have to include the responsibility of imparting life skills training to the child from the formative years of upbringing. Here is an example about how life skills education impacts a child's upbringing and a parenting tip to have regular interaction with the child on multiple topics including the household chores to become self-reliant.

One evening, as part of daily schedule, I was watering the indoor plants at my place when my son suddenly came forward to water them. I was surprised and happy to see him helping me in this household chore. He said, 'Mom! Going green is the 21st century theme. Teacher taught me in school. We should take care of plants and grow them more'. I said, 'Yup, thank you also for helping me in this daily household chore today. Would you like to choose this plant as your own baby and take responsibility of nurturing it? I would help you'. He immediately said 'Yes'.

Then I asked him to explain me more about the Going Green theme. We also discussed about various ways of nurturing plants at home and need to take care of them regularly. During conversation, he suggested a plan where all 3 of our family will share the load of watering plants. He himself took charge of the money plant and suggested the remaining plants to be shared equally among his mom and dad.

This conversation was so engaging and endearing. A simple household task of watering plants ensured all 3 of family to bond together in a lovely and green way. Indeed, doing a household chore with my child turned out to be fun.

We parents should converse with child over variety of topics including the household chores like arranging books, setting up dinner table, tidying up toys, packing school bag etc. As training them early on these chores and daily tasks will prepare them for daily life and make them self-reliant. Doing household chores is the basics of life skills training. The earlier the orientation, better the results.

Somapika Sarkar
Founder : Hurray Kids