We all understand that change is imperative. Yet we find it challenging to inculcate it in our lives. Especially when it comes to parenting, we have a set schedule and ways of responding to our kids, changing which may or may not be welcomed. However, just like our devices need an upgrade, even parenting requires remodelling from time to time. And to help you ease into this process of moving from parenting to mindful parenting, here are some mindful parenting techniques and tips that will help you approach it in a simple manner.

Mindful parenting techniques

1. Upgrade Parenting

Mindful parenting is a way of adding the right twist in our existing ways of parenting. So start with knowing your regular life. Note your patterns of behaviour and their impact on your kids. This step will help in knowing how we can upgrade ourselves.

2. Start simple

It always helps to choose the shifts that are simple, to begin with. We always learn numbers first and then the calculations, right? - The same rule applies in getting started with mindful parenting, too. To stay consistent, choose changes that are easy to make, yet add the required to shift to our parenting.

3. Take one step at a time

Ask your children what irritates them about your behaviour and vice versa. Create a list of habits to be changed. However, start with one. Let’s say you want to start with gadget detoxing. Then start with 30 minutes of no gadgets in a day. Ask the children to monitor it. Once you are comfortable with 30 minutes, increase the time to 1 hour, so on and so forth. This helps you in being disciplined while illustrates for them how to stand by your choices.

4. Pay attention

When you are doing something with your kids or by yourself, observe how you do it. Note how easily you get angry or distressed around kids. Sometimes being aware itself helps in bridging the gap between current behaviour and the way you’d like to parent.

5. Be patient

To enjoy this process, be patient with yourself and the little ones. Note down the habits you want to change. Then, make a pact with your kids to adhere to the required changes. Make the process a play for them and you, but understand changes take time to happen.

6. Consistent

The tiny heads will notice as and when you slip the path of change and also follow it. So whenever you find yourself losing the track, add something that will keep you interested in the process. You can make creative posters with happy slogans around the changes you wish to make in your parenting. Or even decide a penalty with your kids to avoid losing track.

Start sharing with your friends, how you are involving mindful parenting in your daily life. Also, tell them how this change is impacting your kids. Inspire them to join you and have fun along the journey.

So, let's upgrade to the new-age parenting.

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