Why not gift something different to my child this time, an innovative set of Life Skills Cards? Let me decorate it, or gift wrap it or creatively present it or decorate it with ribbon, flowers and leaves.

My facebook and instagram post created much curiosity among parents. Some messaged, some enquired, and some asked me about it. Some liked the post. Some shared it with others on whatsapp. It was a casual pic which I took while arranging the Life Skills Cards. One of my friends asked me about a gift which she can give to her child. She was not looking for a birthday gift but an impromptu gift which can be valuable and something which she can use it along with her child. Since I was already ready to launch my venture-Hurray Kids, I thought of suggesting her to gift Life Skills Cards to her child.

I started thinking of various ways to wrap the cards. Cloth ribbon, plastic ribbon, flower and leaves decorations, imagined to the extent of attaching few fresh flowers. Imaginations have no boundaries. I took out all the decorations that were with me. Finally, I wrapped it simply and clicked it. It looked like a newbie gift. I shared the photo with my friend. She instantly liked it.

It is not only the presentation or the decoration of the cards, but the content which those cards are carrying is of immense value and importance. These life skills cards are developed to promote life skills among children simply and joyfully. These are innovative, engaging, interactive and exercise based. These are loaded with beautiful illustrations of daily life situations of 2 cute little characters Hur and Ray. These cards are educational tools to be delivered through parents assistance and beautifully engages both parents and children together; thereby strengthens the parent-child bond.

The Life Skills Cards is one of the best gifts which parents can give to the child. It is a way of discovering and bonding with your child. It prepares the child for daily life. It is a kind of parenting tool which will help in child's upbringing and life skills training.

Many times, parents ask, 'What are life skills'? One can find answer to this question given in the Hurray Kids Life Skills cards. That's the beauty of these products and provides lots of parenting tips too in life skilling children.

Somapika Sarkar
Founder : Hurray Kids