Kids are little adults that also go through all the upheavals that we experience on a daily basis. Except that they are far more vulnerable and adaptive to them. This makes it imperative for parents to focus on life skills.

So, what are life skills? As the term suggests, life skills are the know-how required for one to deal with life’s hullabaloos. Simply put any skill that helps one in simplifying life at work, personally, in relationships or more, can be considered as a life skill.

However, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has standardised a set of skills that are crucial for a child to grow into a wise adult. Let's know them and how they impact a child's personal growth.

Communication Skills:

Expressing oneself assertively forms important guidance in life. These skills focus on kid's interaction - verbally, physically and in writing.

Critical Thinking:

Through these skills, kids learn to look at a problem from various perspectives. They are opened to many possibilities that one situation holds and how to practically apply them.

Creative Thinking:

Being an innovative thinker is imperative in today's times. Learning these skills grow the kids into out of the box thinkers.

Decision Making:

This is one of the most critical skills to learn. Whether or whether not? Should I or should I not? Finding a wise answer to these questions is tricky, yet worth learning.

Problem Solving:

How to understand a problem and find positive resolutions that benefit all involved? These skills aim to build this aptitude in kids.

Managing Emotions:

Simply put, kids learn to raise their EQ – Emotional Quotient through these skills. They acknowledge their feelings towards various situations and learn to wisely cope with them.


When kids learn emotional intelligence, they become self-aware and empathize with people and surroundings. These skills develop a positive outlook towards self and others.

Interpersonal Relationships:

Interpersonal skills focus on kid's ability to work with people. Kids learn the importance of working in groups and develop their social interaction.

Stress Management:

Learning these skills help the kids in giving the right amount of importance to various situations. They learn the how to go easy with the wins and losses, while keeping calm.


These skills help kids learn how to accurately judge their own performance, responses and behaviour at different times. They also learn how to change their behaviour where needed.

Life skills education is not difficult and can in fact be learnt through simple daily activities. As technology's power increases over our livelihood, it is natural and easy for kids to get carried away towards the virtual way of living. Hence, the subject of life skills is gaining prominence all over the world.

The programmes aimed at developing life skills have usually observed that kid's social behaviour enhances, they choose effective solutions to problems and a gain positive self-image. Now we are sure, that you know and will appreciate why kids must learn life skills.