Did you know that apart from learning the academic subjects, Japanese highly focus on imbibing life skills education in their children? Hence, in Japanese schools cleaning, serving food, and organizing their classrooms is a part of education system. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Japan is one of the most disciplined countries in the world.

While we may need to wait for life skills education to become a subject in India, we can surely include it in our parenting. So here are some easy-breezy chores that your little leaders can learn this summer vacation with you.

Making their own bed: Even the great leaders agree, making your bed in the morning is the first step towards success. They believe it to be a great way to maintain self-discipline. Then let's teach this skill to our children at a young age.

Cleaning Home: Don't hesitate. Your kids can be quite adept in keeping their home clean. So take their help in organising newspapers, setting up dining table and cleaning the tea tables. This skill helps the children be responsible towards where they live and the space they use.

Chopping Veggies: God lies in detailing, right? Here's a fantastic way for your little champs to learn the art of detailing. Ensure that you're around them while they do it, so as to keep this activity easy and fun for the both of you.

Calculating Expenditures: Now what would your child learn through calculating expenditure you may ask. It is the skill of being prudent with finances. This is one of the best parenting tips we vouch for your children to learn and save money.

Helping grandparents: Urge on children's spending time with grandparents. They can take care of them in ways like - getting them newspaper, or helping them learn a gadget. This is a great way for them to know how to develop and maintain dear relationships.

Washing utensils: This is a task that your children may not like doing the most. However, it is an important lesson to know how to clean what you have used. Once we clean our own things, putting them back in place is a fab feeling, right?

Watering plants: How about learning to be gentle with nature and surroundings? If you have plants at home, let your children gently water them. If you don’t have them, try buying a new one. Who knows, this may symbolise the beginning of gentleness and patience in your children.

Fold laundry: This skill helps one learn to match patterns and keep things tidy. Interesting, right? It also teaches the kids hand and body coordination to achieve a certain precision. So by all means, teach them how to fold clothes.

Is it not fascinating to see how these simple activities can help your kids can grow into modes of learning? So let this summer be all about having fun at home and bonding with your children. Of course, don’t miss hogging on yummy mangoes.

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