The early growing years of a child moves fast, there is so much to experience, so much to learn, so much to train, so much to prepare, so much to laugh, so much to share, so much to feed, so much to talk-the most important part is to stay connected emotionally through it. Here is a version about positive parenting, a journey which can be made into creative parenting too.

I know what dad will ask me next. I know what mom will ask me now.

'Oh No! Again the same question', asked my child. I realised that he was right as the next set of questions is mostly known to him. Though some questions which we ask our children and family are routine and necessary. For example, how was your day, how are you feeling now, when are you coming back, have you packed your school bag, have you arranged your books etc. However, in this process of asking these daily routine questions, we often ignore asking and enquiring other good things which a child has to say and share.

Suppose if we ask the following:

  • Anything new you learnt today in music class?
  • Did you help any child today?
  • Can you suggest me few tips on how to rearrange the cushions on the sofa?
  • Where to keep these extra cookies packets?
  • Plan some surprise for your grandmother.
  • How to make this salad interesting? Shall we add few more ingredients or shall we change the serving bowl?
  • Anything interesting happened today in your television programme?

The list of questions goes on. There is much scope for framing out of box questions and queries. We need to use our creative thinking skills and some time to spend with the child. We can also google for some help or look for some learning tools which can engage the child beautifully. Books and educational cards are an excellent way to communicate and bond if used together. We can do photo talking. Why not take printouts of photos caged in our smartphones? We need to make the physical prints, just remember our old childhood albums. Really they are still such a sweet prized possession.

Talking, communicating and conversing is such an integral part of our lives. We parents need to make it interesting, engaging and creative to witness the blossoming of our children, their joys, sorrows, fears, daily struggles, insights, experiences, achievements, cute suggestions, chuckles and giggles.

Let's put to use all parenting tips to creatively converse and bond with child. It is time to upgrade our parenting style.

Somapika Sarkar
Founder : Hurray Kids