Until now we have been sharing with you how to inculcate life skills education in your children's daily lives. However, this can't happen without your support isn't it? This is why, here are some parenting tips for parents (yes, be your own parent!) to apply life skills and pass them on to your little stars.

Practice what we preach

Well, this is the first thing that our parenting needs to adapt. Many times, we keep asking our kids to behave in a certain way, like – don't eat while walking, put your things back in place, or simply don't be lost in the gadget. But if we do a slight self-reflection, we’d realise, they need to see us practicing these habits. So if you want them to clean up the room then get started and ask them to join you.

Do your own chores

We get it! You'd say how can we not take our maids' help? – They are our lifeline. Absolutely, by all means ask them to cook for you, clean the house and do their share of chores. But you can avoid depending on them for little things like being served for a meal or cleaning up your stuff once you are done. When children see us seeking help for little things, they also naturally reach for help even for simple things. Now you wouldn't want them to depend on someone so much, would you? Hence, do your own chores.

Spend time without gadgets

We love using the latest technology, and why not? It simplifies our life. A lot of our personal and professional work gets done instantly. Friends and family are easily accessible, message and wish exchanges are quick. It is also a good way to keep in touch with your loved ones. But at times, I am sure even you'd agree that we are too engrossed with it. We go overboard with using our phones, iPads and laptops. Try and spend an hour at home without gadgets and interact with family members one-on-one or together.

Relax, breathe when in stress

When we are stressed, we either get snappy or quiet down. Our reactions become unnatural and we start missing out important information. This impacts our child’s behaviour as well and they learn to get impatient in times of stress. To reduce this, let's take five deep breathes and relax. No matter what has happened, this trick always comes handy to calm down. Additionally it also makes your thoughts clear and you can act upon what is required, which eventually saves the day.

Positive parenting – optimistic critiquing

As parents, our challenge lies when we need to give a feedback to our children - that too, not a positive one. The only way we can resolve this is by being optimistic towards ourselves. If we find that someone has not done a job properly, let them know politely. Also, if you find yourself not doing something right, accept it, own it and change it for better. Once we change, our habits naturally change. This gradually reflects on our children too.

Do you have other ways in which we can apply life skills on self? Why don't you share your responses in the comments?

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